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Today is just a normal day in Australia! Absolutely nothing bad or upsetting happening and no reason for alarm!

This game has like, "mechanics" i guess, but they're not very good so i recommend just treating it like a walking sim and stopping whenever u feel like it.

Made for the Australian Bushfire Charity Jam!


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Yep i live in the firey pits of hell too

This is some great dark satire!

thank you~!

Love the humour and the atmosphere - might be my imagination but do the sirens in the background keep getting continually more frequent & longer?

Either way, made it to day 4 (tbh bit of a slog, the novelty kind of wore off after day 2) but still great little experience to play through. The feeling of walking through a bushfire genuinely made me a bit uncomfortable, especially after several months of living with bushfire smoke in Sydney lol.

Mildly disappointed Scomo didn't show up in one way or another :P


Recorded some gameplay from the final portion of the game if anyone is interested but doesn't have 30 mins to play the entire game:

the game icon is actually a piece of scomo """satire""" that i eventually decided to leave out of the full game.

if i get my act together maybe I'll re-use some of the assets from this and make a full aussie post-apoc rpg where u can fight a coal-powered scomo-mecha.

Sounds good - I'd love to see more from you!


A couple of questions first off:

  • Is there a sprint function?
  • Do the logs of firewood respawn every day or is there a set number?

I've played 1 run-through so far (4 Days: Died of Asphyxiation) but can't see any other things to do. The readme says there "a number of ways to die"...

I live in Australia in the inner suburbs, so it's nice to see what normal rural living looks like.


- no, lol. sorry.

- no, there are 50 total. 

- that's one way to go. there are 3 ways total. one is common (asphyxiation), one is random, and one is difficult (achieved by collecting all 50 pieces of wood), but none of them change the ending in any way other than the causal text. 


Well, one of the logs was behind the fence, so you might need to fix that.


lmao that shouldn't be possible got darn it