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oh no... he sprouted...


holy moly i did it


There is a god mode run of this game where you don't place blocks until after the rain starts falling. It is possible. I believe


you can grab and pull individual raindrops around so there's an even more god mode run where u don't place blocks at all... 👀

we....... we did it! WE DID IT! WE SAVED THE BEAN

Cheese and rice! The coming of the rain was surprisingly violent and spooked the devil outta me. I got the bad ending the first time, and I felt so sad when I saw their sad face...then I felt really guilty when they got split open. But on the second try, I didn't let the cutie down >u<

i love this, the ending renders are amazing, and it does such a good job at suspense

Lil Bean is so cute! Good game!

The tension that builds as the rain keeps coming, punctuated by that fantastic death animation, it’s so good.

this is so good, love the design and the aesthetic of it!


this is SO good.
the camera zoom on death, the sustained physics driven beating of the house, the ending slides... ach!
great stuff!