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saw this initially in the blood sweat and tears bundle and it stuck out in my brain with its bold visual style. the sound design is fantastic, the narrative is thought-provoking, and these dithered graphics I am still obsessing over. this was so lovely, I'll be binging the rest of your catalogue when I get the chance <3

oh i'm glad you enjoyed it. i don't actually have much else that's like it (at least not publicly available) but you should check out BARCHboi's Deidia ( cos that's what initial inspired a lot of my design choices.

ooh! will check that out, thank you for the suggestion!

i think this is a very interesting game,it looks special.but i don't know if it is a horror game?i'm a bit scared so i haven't started it there any jump scary?if it doesn't,i will try it.pleaseeee,i'm really interested in it!

it's spooky yes, but there are no jumpscares or anything gross or violent. it's all very abstract.

great!i will have a try!


wanted to check out, mac build not supported 10.15+

any chance for an update? no worries if not,  just wanted to ask :)

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i'm not sure that i have the project files anymore, but regardless, i don't think i can get official support for new versions of macOS. apple is cracking down real hard on independent app development (apps that don't pay for authentication) which basically locks that market away for anyone like me.

have you tried the command line workaround for unauthenticated app permissions?


Yeah, I totally know what you mean. Super frustrating about the Mojave crackdown. The usual command line work-around doesn't do it for me. The app icon is completely greyed out with a white-circle ø on top, so I don't think it's compatible with the OS version I have.

Bummer, but I totally understand. I'll try to get my hands on a PC and see if I can check it out at a later date.

Thanks for the reply!


wow yeah that does sound like complete OS incompatibility, which is crazy cos this game was made on a not-that-old mac. it might be worth trying to use wine or something similar; i've generally had more success with 2D games being emulated in wine, but since unity's 2D is actually just flat 3D it might not make any difference. 

good luck!

i think the problem is that apple stopped supporting 32 bit applications on macs, and i guess this game is a 32 bit application?

nice >:)

nice :)

Is this referencing the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name?