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What font is this? It's majestic

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it's called "Syne Tactile" and it's a free google font :)

I love this game :)

-Made a Video (07:53 / 2nd Game).

"It's short, but somehow I liked it."

That was really cool. But the breathing felt a bit repetitive at one point.

Short and creepy


Oh that's cool! Super short, but a great concept. Wish you had just a hair more time at the end to see the "thing", but I like where this is going. Nicely done!

Super short but not bad. Liked the concept of it although you should have it to where if you do not get the candles lit in time a monster or something will kill you, just an idea to make it a bit more challenging. Made a video on it.

i love this short horror thank you well done

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This was a really short but nice horror game that encapsulated the horror of lighting up candles and matchsticks in the darkness in fear that something else could be present with you in the dark. I had a fun time playing the game where you could see how slow I was in lighting up the matchstick and the candles XD. 

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.